Dwarven Bombard

Durunn Granitebane

Class: Bombard

“You can keep your bloody bards and minstrels. A good explosion is all the music my ears need.”

If there is one word that Durunn Granitebane’s friends would use to describe him, it would be dangerous. If asked for two, they would add unpredictable.

Born to the merchant owners of an alchemical supply shop, young Durunn quickly developed a fascination for making things explode. The fire and chaos resulting from an incendiary mix of ingredients was to him what the glitter of gold was to his kinsmen.

Though quick-tempered and often as volatile as the mixtures he employed, as an adult Durunn rose quickly through the ranks thanks to an aptitude for all things explosive – refusing to let even the densest of rock stand in his way for long.  While his complete and utter disregard for his own safety often left his comrades betting on how long it would be until he was a victim of his own carelessness, even they could never deny the results of his handiwork, often opening tunnels to new and ever richer veins of ore.