Beneath is currently unavailable, this game will be on Kickstarter end of November 2017.

Beneath is a dungeon crawling board game with a slight difference for 2 to 4 players. Each player pits their will against each other, Mining, trapping, stealing and fighting. Players take their heroic dwarfs through a series of ancient mines, buying new powerful weapons and skills. Take your dwarf on a quest to find your claim to the stone throne before your fellow Dwarves. On their way they’ll face many challenges and traps. You may even befriend the local merchant with the game’s brilliant purchasing system

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To mine the caverns below and find an ancient vain of untold riches. Only then may you stake your claim to the Stone Throne. You do this by mining and fighting your fellow Dwarves, buying new items and weapons in order to mine faster and find missing clues as to the location of the fathers gift.

– Each player chooses a Dwarf to play as, Each dwarf has their own special skill set and abilities.
-Once chosen each player get a chance to purchase items from the local merchant.
– A map is then chosen and all players enter that map. The map can consist of Rocks, Unbreakable slate, Fires and many other things.
– Players take turn in mining the rock, mining is determined by what weapons you have and thus selecting the correct dice.
– Players mine till one of the players finds an exit or all players are knocked out of the map. This may be done by fighting or trapping each other while mining players find gold and can buy items at the end of each map.
– Players can get ahead in the game by teaming up on other players or trying to quickly exit maps that don’t play to their advantage or by saving up gold for specific items that may be good on harder maps but not very good on early maps.
– In side the mines players will find clues to the secret location of the fathers gift, a long lost vein of gold burred deep beneath the mountain.
– Only once all of the clues are found may a player win the game and claim the stone throne.

For untold centuries, Stonewatch has stood as the shining jewel of the dwarven people, a massive underground city located beneath the Godsfell Mountains. And, for an equal measure of time, riches have flowed like water from its gates, courtesy of The Father’s Gift, a legendary vein of ore said to make even the vast riches of the ancient kings seem like mere trinkets in comparison.

Under the rule of the Irongaard clan, there came a time of prosperity, peace, and trade with the neighboring kingdoms. But the opulence of the dwarves also attracted attention of a less savory nature. The greedy eyes of heathen beasts, and bandits were ever vigilant in searching for avenues that would allow them to take, either by force or guile, the riches of the dwarves and claim them for their own.

The dwarves were unbending in their defense, though, and they kept their foes at bay, repelling attack after attack. But their enemies were persistent. Every bauble they stole, no matter how small, served only to further incite their greed.

In time, their patience paid off. The tunnels beneath the Godsfell Mountains were numerous and, even after centuries of diligent exploration by the dwarves, many remained unexplored. Eventually, a way in was found, one that would bypass the nearly impenetrable gates that served as Stonewatch’s vanguard.

Following this discovery, a great conclave was called among the dwarves’ many enemies. After much petty squabbling, they pledged to form a dark alliance aimed at crushing Stonewatch and seizing the Father’s Gift from the great kingdom that had so long vexed them.

So it was that the Great War began during the watch of Gildor Irongaard, seventh king of his line.

  • * *

Now, the war is finally over. With the swing of an axe, the head of Gorve Bloodclaw, mightiest of the heathen beasts chieftains, was cleaved from his shoulders. Their morale broken, the remnants of his forces scattered, bringing to an end the years of misery and bloodshed.

The victory has been a costly one, though. Stonewatch lies in ruins. Gildor Irongaard is dead, along with his sons. No king sits upon the Stone Throne. Worst of all, the Father’s Gift has been lost, the mines leading to it having been collapsed to prevent their enemies from gaining a toehold.

It is a dark time for the dwarves, but perhaps it need not be.

There are rumors that the many battles of the war opened up new tunnels to the deep, passages previously unknown. Perhaps one of these will lead back to the Gift, allowing its riches to once more inspire the dwarven people with the drive they need to rebuild their once great civilization.

Whoever can find it will be hailed a hero and savior. The Stone Throne will be theirs for the taking.

Will you undertake this quest? Are you brave enough to explore the dark confines of collapsed tunnels, abandoned mines, and whatever may be waiting inside of them? Are you clever enough to outsmart those who are likewise searching for the Father’s Gift?

Only time will tell if you have what it takes to survive what lies beneath.