JUNE 2019

We have another Dark Hand Games Massive Giveaway this month, It is sponsored by the fantastic who offer a brilliant service on all 3d printing products, they have been one of the core companies that we use for our prototyping materials.

We are hoping that this could be our biggest competition to date as there is a 3d printer up for grabs, and 6 amazing games. Currently we have 7,300 entries and we still have a week to go. So things are looking good.

Unfortunately we haven’t had some of our reviews back yet so we will have to postpone the launch date of Beneath till Sept 24th 2019. So don’t forget to put that in your diaries.

MARCH 2019

We have now completed 7 new prototypes of Beneath ready to send out to some fantastic reviewers. So far we have lined up, Unfiltered Gamer, Board Game Revolution, The Spotlight and many more.

We hope to have these reviews back by June, but if they are late we will need to put our kickstarter back till Sept 24 due to our advertising avenues being booked up until then. We cant wait to finally get this game out into the masses.


Now we have moved in to our new office space, we have stepped up the prototyping and are about to set a date for Beneath’s Kickstarter launch. We have also made the decision to move our post Kickstarter campaign marketing section of the company to it’s own branch giving our competitions their own brand identity.

Over the past 18 months we have had over 30,000 entries in our 5 mass giveaways making us one of the most prominent board game giveaways around. We have invested a lot of setup time in this new branch cunningly called “Dark Hand Games Massive Give Away”. Don’t worry we have spent a lot longer on the project itself than thinking up that amazing name, ha ha. We have now completed our back end website to allow us to interact with the entrants to our competitions, giving us an unfounded advantage on helping advertise post kickstarter campaigns.  The aim of this is to help creators and publishers sell more of their product after their Kickstarter has ended.


Moving Offices – We have been running out of space at Dark Hand Games, so we have decided to take the plunge and upgrade our prototyping workshop. We have invested in 3 new prototyping 3d printers, 2 new laser cutters, a resin cure station and a virtual desktop login system to run them all.

Oh and I forgot to mention we also invested in a commercial plotter and cutting machine to help with prototyping faster.


We are now well on our way to having the back end of our new webapp finished for our new Magazine “the Boardroom”.  We believe in investing in efficiency to help prevent issues that can arise in the future. To this end, we have been building a new infrastructure to help our writer’s and our layout artist to create content faster.



We have a new Cinematic short video that sets the theme for our new board game Beneath. 

Please check it out on our home page! We are really excited to see what people think of the production value.


JULY 2018

We have now built our facebook social media to 15,000 likes and have opened 2 new groups as Facebook is now moving its platform over from pages. “Why two new groups?”, I hear you ask. One will be for Beneath the board game and the other is……Well we think this is a good time to announce a project we have been working on for the past 6 months. The Boardroom Magazine. This will be a magazine that will be in digital and physical format. We aim to release the first issue on Kickstarter Q3 or Q4 2019.

Please feel free to join our new groups

JUNE 2018

This month we will reveal our monster boards.  Not only will you have to fend off your fellow Dwarves but deep Beneath Stonewatch you may also have fend off these traitorous monsters. Do you team up with your Fellow Dwarves or try to kill the monsters on your own?

Here you can see the attack dice that the Cragtraw uses and the life points it has, you can also see the monsters loot that can be taken if the vile monster is killed.

APRIL 2018

This month we will reveal one of our player boards for our new release, “Beneath”. You can play as one of 4 Dwarven classes. Each Dwarf has their own abilities and fighting style.

Here you can see how the cards are going to be placed on each player board.



Our first 4 monsters are now revealed for Beneath. We have the Infamous Stalagtroll, Cragtraw, Deep Rok and Rock Worm. All Monsters have their own abilities, life and loot.

Will you dare to delve into the mines below Stonewatch to battle any of these wretched monsters?