Now we have moved in to our new office space, we have stepped up the prototyping and are about to set a date for Beneath’s Kickstarter launch. We have also made the decision to move our post Kickstarter campaign marketing section of the company to it’s own branch giving our competitions their own brand identity.

Over the past 18 months we have had over 30,000 entries in our 5 mass giveaways making us one of the most prominent board game giveaways around. We have invested a lot of setup time in this new branch cunningly called “Dark Hand Games Massive Give Away”. Don’t worry we have spent a lot longer on the project itself than thinking up that amazing name, ha ha. We have now completed our back end website to allow us to interact with the entrants to our competitions, giving us an unfounded advantage on helping advertise post kickstarter campaigns.  The aim of this is to help creators and publishers sell more of their product after their Kickstarter has ended.