Dark Hand Games Massive Giveaways main focus is on advertising for board games that have previously had a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter. With an average of 24% of pre published game sales being done during the time between the end of your campaign and the start of manufacturing, it’s important to drive traffic to your late pledge manager to gain those extra sales.


We run mass giveaways on our facebook page comprised of various games with reaches up to 1,000,000 individual views, and 5,000 – 10,000 individual entries (Dependant on the giveaway.) We have been running these competitions for 2 years now and have built our system around various viral looping techniques and Facebook’s Ad managers advanced advertising webportal.

We can also offer direct messaging to entrants of our competitions. This could include a direct Kickstarter link to the entrants personal facebook messenger with an open rate of 95%~ unlike emails which is around 20%.


Standard Package: – £Free – 1 copy of your game delivered to the winner of the competition.

Gold Package: – £50 + VAT per game – Up to 5,000 personal messages: 6p +VAT per message – After 5,000 personal messages: 3p +VAT per message

Our gold Package gives you your own personal short URL and analytics link so you can see your return in real time.


As you can see we messaged 8656 targeted audience with an open rate of 92%. Out of the 7965 that read our advert, 862 people followed our link to the above project. Our audience is primarily based in USA and UK and approximately 70% of them clicked our link via a mobile device.

If you require any additional information please done hesitate to contact us.